Ambassador club

What is it? A club of vegetable food and sustainable development enthusiasts! Your help is precious to co-construct with us the seafood of tomorrow!

  • You will receive all the news from Ocean Kiss in a global preview!

  • You will participate in tastings of existing products or new products to help us develop the best recipes.

  • You will give your opinion with a questionnaire in a simple and fast way. This allows us to be as close as possible to what you are looking for.

  • The icing on the cake, we pay you for your participation!

  • Marilyne

    "I am very happy and honored to test products of such taste quality. Help the team improve their ranges of products delights me."

  • Romeo

    "I really liked the investment on the part of the brand to create a product that would suit everyone. We could feel the evolution during tastings and take into account our opinions. A big thank you to you!"

  • Elsa

    "I have always appreciated the brand's products, and know that we are listened to and that our opinion is important, it adds a small flavor that no other brand has! Each tasting is a new discovery and is awaited impatiently at home! (Even by my cat!) "


  • Marie

    "The products are absolutely stunning and I love to share the discoveries I make with the products I discover. The principle of tasting is a great idea that allows you to really express what you think to go only in the direction of improvement!"

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