The benefits

SOLMON® brings by its unique recipe, especially based on seaweed and plant algae, a natural and durable solution and a wave of health benefits and the environment.

for me

SOLMON® is rich in "good fats", the famous polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3, essential to the development and proper functioning of the human body and that our body does not know how to make. However, 90% of the French population is defined.

By consuming our product, you will have 70% of the recommended daily contributions (AJR). Our Omega-3 comes from both rapeseed and linen vegetable oils but also from our seaweed and marine microalgae. The latter provide another type of Omega-3, called DHA and EPA, which are mainly of a marine source. These are "long channel" omega-3, of excellent quality, because they are the ones who provide the biggest health benefits. Indeed, they play an essential role in the growth and development of the brain and the retina, the regulation of blood pressure, the elasticity of the vessels, the renal function or even on immune and anti-inflammatory reactions!

  • What about nutrition?

    • Source of protein = 11% of AJR*
    • Fiber source = 22% of ANC **
    • -60% salmon smoked salmon
    • Zero organic pollutants, antibiotics, microplastics
    • Out also soy, gluten and palm oil!
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for my planet
  • Preserves biodiversity / zero impact on marine fauna
  • Less CO2 and pollution by avoiding overfishing of wild salmon
  • Reduces water pollution and respects animal welfare by avoiding intensive farming
  • Seaweed: a solution for the future, naturally abundant and rich in nutrients.
for pleasure

SOLMON® is a real all-terrain culinary product that adapts to a multitude of dishes and uses, from the simplest to the most creative! It is appreciated as cold (as an aperitif on toast or tapas, in dishes in sushi, sandwich, wraps, poké bowl or salad) and hot (in garnish on pasta, in quiches, pizzas and in all your cooked dishes). Give free rein to your culinary imagination!

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