Veggie bagel with SOLMON® and raw vegetables

10 minutes
Very easy


For 1 person

1 bagel

40g of cream cheese

1 and ½ slices SOLMON®

4 slices of tomato

6 slices of cucumber

A few salad leaves

Red onion


1 knife


  1. Put the tomatoes and cucumbers in thin slices and chop the onions.
  2. Cut the bagel in half and spread a thin layer fresh cheese (on both sides).
  3. Add the SOLMON® sur the base then drop the tomato and cucumber slices. Sprinkle with a few red onions and add the salad.
  4. Close the bagel with the above face. It's ready !

Advice : You can add an additional slice of SOLMON® for more flavor.

Enjoy your food ! 

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